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Spagster, according to your Christian New Testament in the book of Luke, "....to whom much is given, from him much will be required."

Obma appears to be applying a literal translation of that verse with respect to soaking the rich in 2013 and beyond.


The problem with the application of that phrase is the improper use of the word "given".


Surrendering to show how "bad" your opponent is shows a weakness in resolve, and encourages your foe to attack you with even more fervor, believing that he has you on the ropes and can do as he wishes.
If Britain had surrendered during the "Blitz" to show how bad the Nazis were, they'd be speaking German in Trafalgar Square. We already knew how bad the Nazis were. 50% of us know how bad the Dems are now, and the other 50% don't care.
The only way to defeat this enemy is to continue the fight, stall him at every turn, and eliminate him at the polls. As long as the Dems are in control, things will get worse.


"Much is given" results from the $1.2 billion given to buy the last election. "Much is required" from the beneficiary in payoff. The city councilwoman's demands of Obama this week are the opening salvo of the demands.

Our society will be almost unrecognizable by the end of another four years of Obamanation as the last vestiges of dignity, respect for law, and common sense are kicked to the curb. By then, it will not matter that Obama "owns it". The control will be so thorough, and the evil intent will be so deeply ingrained that the destruction of our institutions will be nearing completeness.

Jim Buie

So Sam favors capitulation (or appeasement?) on tax rates, forgetting that those same rates in the 1990s were a time of great expansion in which the deficit pretty much disappeared.

Funny Bubba ignores the billion+ dollars the Republicans spent on the 2012 election, to mostly failure, and accuses the Dems of buying the election.

The end is near, er here? Obama the anti-Christ is ushering in the apocalypse? Isn't it terrible that unemployment has dropped to its lowest level in four years, the stock market is the highest in five years, Tea Party founder Jim DeMint is giving up his Senate seat and becoming a "taker," to the tune of one million a year from the Heritage Foundation. He sees the writing on the wall after sponsoring four or five Tea Party extremist candidates who lost ignominiously.

Maybe it's time for Sam to give up blogging now, while you guys are down? How much worse do you want things to get? Nominate more extremist candidates and lose the House in two years?


"Funny Bubba ignores the billion+ dollars the Republicans spent on the 2012 election, to mostly failure, and accuses the Dems of buying the election."

You have a hard time with written comprehension, don't you, Buie?

Who ever told you that you had any journalism or teaching skills?

Your "contributions" on the internet certainly don't reflect anything of the sort, particularly when you responding to something that points out the essential shallowness of your beloved worldview.

Maybe it's time for you to give up blogging.

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