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tk solomon

a conservative would ask why, after the Iranian Embassy fiasco, does the US need a consulate, embassy or quarters for an ambassador in a country that holds it in contempt. Locals know that information concerning kidnappings, torture and extrajudicial murder is gathered and distributed from there. If the executive or legislative branch have business with a country or principality they could use dialup, text, skype, email or even fax them. Then the Marines are armed with light arms while both branches of local rowdies have superior arms and training. People who make these policies don't care about you, me or the risks of the delegates. The people who make these policies have very well provisioned bunkers should the consequences of their policies get too close to them. No space in these bunkers for grunts or their family members. That conspiracy is much more dastardly.


We're all grunts without bunkers in these increasingly disastrous days of Obamanation.

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