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And in his retirement, Barack Obama could play Jar Jar Binks in the sequels.

Joe Killian

...or he could go on being President.

I'm a Star Wars fan, but I'm a little more circumspect about new movies.

The last three were, for me, such crushing disappointments that I'd sort of like them to stick a fork in it, or continue to make cartoons and other media but stop with the movies.

Perhaps the way forward is actually to do what they've done in Star Wars comics very successfully for many years -- tell stories of people in the universe (and the wars) who aren't the main characters in the first movies.

This is something like the Indiana Jones conundrum, really. I'm such a big Indy fan I was looking forward to getting another movie. And while I didn't hate "Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" as much as some people did...I didn't feel like it lived up to the legacy of the original trilogy. If they do another one (and they keep talking about it), I hope they'll get it right. But I won't hold my breath.


My problem with "Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" is that once he discovered aliens, it made all of his previous discoveries, the Ark, etc look trivial. Aliens answer to many questions.

Joe Killian

I think there's room for both -- but it does sort of change the tone.

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