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formerly gt

Saw Argo this afternoon and couldn't help but think of the botched handling of the Libyan embassy security as I saw the Iranians storm the US embassy in Tehran.

I was a college sophomore the year of the Iranian crisis. It was also the year the Soviets invaded Afghanistan and of the Klan-Nazi shootout. It wasn't a good time for the country.

But Reagan was wept into office in 1980. I remember being gleeful the night of the election. and the economy started growing a couple of years later.

Seems that 15% mortgages didn't need to be the new normal. Just as trillion dollar deficits don't need to be the new normal today.

I'm not saying that Romney is another Reagan, but Obama does seem a lot like Jimmah. And more and more the election is reminding me of 1980.

Can't wait for 11.6.


Lets not forget Nairobi, Kenya, in 1998.
The Ambo, Prudence Bushnell, complained long and hard that her compound was not secure. Her pleas were ignored.
After getting no action, she wrote a personal appeal to another female SecState, Madeline Albright. She got no reply. (Sound like Ambo Stevens and Hillary?)
Al Qaeda blew up the Nairobi Embassy with a VBIED, hundreds were killed. The Ambo survived because she was in an adjacent building.
Ambo Bushnell soon received a call from Madeline Albright. "I had no idea your embassy was so insecure," Albright claimed.

Dems just don't seem to get it.

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