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That may indeed be the greatest catch of all time! Sweet.

Dave Ribar


The crowd was calling out "Ryan, Ryan" before Romney stopped them.


Fred Gregory

MSNBC is a disgrace and "Morning Joe" is no exception.

Why is Joe Scarborough ingnoring the Libyan scandal ?

"There's absolutely no excuse for a so-called Republican who has his own news show to completely ignore the unfurling scandal surrounding the lies told by the White House about the attack on our Libyan consulate. Yesterday, top Senate Democrats demanded answers from the Obama Administration and it's now been confirmed that days before sending UN Ambassador Susan Rice out to tell a completely different story, our government knew Libya was the work of terrorists.

And yet, all Scarborough has talked about this morning is what an incompetent campaign Romney is running -- which, of course, feeds the overall media narrative that Romney is too incompetent to be president.

Simply as someone with a news show, how is the Libya scandal not news?

For weeks now, all Scarborough has done with his own show is beat Romney senseless and feed the media's anti-Romney narrative. He's embraced every opportunity to do that while ignoring things like Libya."

Fred Gregory

Dave does your health plan cover hearing impairment. Seriously have those ear drums checked;

" Gawker: All the liberal lies fit to print on a horrible blog that only gets traffic because of kotaku."


I even somewhat like MJ. However, I must admit I have recently tuned out due to all of em being so skewed. I at least want some news along with opinions. And I would prefer each be properly labeled!


Dave, did you listen to the clips? I think you are incorrect. Stil, Romney comes across as sucha dufus sometimes. But, he's my dufus.

It's Mitt!


But...but...according to Jim Buie the medias can't possibly have any effect on who we vote for. Surely Buie wasn't making that up??


Dave, actually the crowd was chanting "Romney" when Romney stopped them to add "Ryan". MSNBC made it appear as if the crowd was chanting "Ryan" only when Romney stopped them to add "Romney", the underlying narrative being that the crowd was enthused over Ryan, but not Romney.

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