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And this is from an administration whose Attorney General is directly responsible for the murder of a US police officer and hundreds of Mexican civilians and refuses to release the government documents about it.

Fred Gregory

Carney Dodges Question As To Why Obama Won't Release His College Transcripts


Mitt better get a fighter as a V-P and some tougher campaign advisors to buck him up 'cause he's gonna get hammered by Obama's Chicago campaign Dream Team. I don't think Mitt's current group of buttoned down advisors is any match for the Chicago bunch. And that stupid stupid July holiday photo of him and his babe riding on a jet ski. It's about family. Give us the outdoor grill deal with the grandkids on gramps and grandmas laps.

I think Joe Guarino was dreaming of an American Journalism Award when he closed his blog and went with Davvey's G'boro Guardian. He's lucky if he gets a couple comments when he writes an article about his favorite subject: Robbie Perkins and the Melderic(?) bunch. I reached out to Joe feeling a bit sad for his plight of being ignored and said he oughta revisit that closed blog thing since it's quite apparent not many care about what's written in the GG. Davvey censoritized me and put me on his list.


"Davvey censoritized me and put me on his list."

Better than getting ignored, which is what you usually deserve.


Everyone knows Mitt is rich. Go ahead and release those returns and then in a couple days announce who your choice of V-P is and most will forget about those off shore accounts Mitt's got and start trying to dig up dirt on his running mate.

I'll tell you this unless Mitt gets some bulldogs in his campaign team Obama's Chicago campaign mafia will eat his lunch.

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