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Ken Hill

"Joe Dirt". I love it! Keep blogging and providing laughs.


Romney got 65% of the Repub votes cast. Appears he has a not preferred issue as well when Repub votes were cast for candidates who had dropped out and have thrown their support for Romney. Come November lotsa voters in both parties gonna hold their noses when they vote.

61-39. Lopsided basketball score. All that noise and all those anti-amendment yard signs. Silent Majority still appears to be relevant.

I would imagine there's a certain someone in DC whose a bit concerned about this being an issue in this upcoming election.


Obama announces he's for same sex marriage according to the ABC sitdown he had today.



No Preference and Joe Dirt must have him worried about his base.


Does anyone really believe that Obama hasn't supported same sex marriage all along?

On the other hand, our pal Roch Smith Jr is happy. He doesn't have to worry anymore about the predicament his own statements caused him.

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