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The violence and unsanitary conditions at Occupy infestations have barely been mentioned by the lamestreamers, so why should this incident be any different?

....unless, of course, they can scam up some way to tie this to conservatives or the Tea Party.


This will certainly fit neatly with your propensity to stereotype and generalize. A good day for you.


No Mr.Spogblot anymore?


Yeah, it's right up there with the Tea Party instigating violence and spreading hatred. That wasn't even an accurate generalization or stereotype, but that didn't stop the media from spreading it.

We reap what we sow. Liberals hate that.


I don't know to what "media" failings you are referring to. I am commenting on the stereotypes perpetuated by this blog's author.


Yes, and this blog's author is making a sarcastic observation.

Jim Buie

Sam: "this major story is not being featured on any of the mainstream news media websites."

I don't know what alternative universe you get your news from, but it's one of the top stories at NYTimes, Washington Post, Google News, ABCNews.com.


This is headline material, not an in column link and it was largely ignored until late yesterday when there was an arrest.

You and I both know (although only one of us will admit it) that if there was even a hint that this guy was tied to the Tea Party, it would have been a headline and topic A for discussion from the beginning.

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