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Brandon Burgess

Former latin nerd here!


i've narrowed it down to two finalists.

1) the liars who entertain me.

2) the liars who cannot be believed.

this is difficult because G-d Hisself was accused of advising someone to go into politics but did not advise the same person not to record a carnal act. This could be an indictment of the Prime Mover and result in the unmentioning of Said Deity in public schools and other functions of otherwise useful idiots. This case has cosmic consequences so you will be allowed vote for 1) or 2) and hopefully appease the Accused and avoid regional retribution.


Any former Latin nerds notice the DATE of the convention?

Brandon Burgess

Yep. They had a whole category on Jeopardy yesterday.


You know, he never said "et tu Brute"


"You know, he never said 'et tu Brute'"

Shakespeare must have thought it added a nice dramatic touch.

Larry MacD

Halfassodus: I vote for 1)

Entertainment is what the devil gives us as a substitute for joy.

Good name. I hope everyone gets out to vote.

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