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Don Moore

You would think that there would be some liberal out there smart enough to be able to doctor up a video by now.


Maybe if you got the word out to some of the local card-shark bloggers....

Brenda Bowers

Lewis has withdrawn his complaint. BB


Do you have the link to that, Brenda?

Don, I thought the same thing.

CP, now why would any of them want to change the narrative now after having invested so much capital convincing people that the hate and violence was driven by the Right? I think the actual substantiated incidents involved Left on Right attacks as some of my earlier posts indicated. Yet, I was called on to denounce certain statements and acts of people I don't even know. Will the local card sharks rise up to denounce these phony claims of racism? Don't bet on it.

But let someone call Obama a Socialist, and they are quick to pounce. But unfairly accusing someone of racism? That's just a political tactic that is apparently acceptable to them.


Check out the Linda Shaw stuff in the comments



So the Dems and the media teamed up to falsely accuse conservatives of racism??? Say it ain't so...


Thanks for the heads up, Z.


schismism - n. when one ism accuses another ism of not only practicing a deplorable ism, but of codifying the ecclesiastical rites.

judge: suh, you stand accused of schismism. how do you plea?

defendant: yo' honah. i did not, nor ever, refer to that racist kettle sniffer as a teabaggah.

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