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Good luck. Be yourself.


Dare I say.... Ditto :)

Account Deleted

Best of luck Sam!

Beau D. Jackson

Best of luck, I'm now residing in Davidson Co. otherwise you'd have my vote. Beau


Good luck, please change.


"....please change."

To what? A go-along to get-along with those who continue to create problems rather than solve problems?

That's no change at all to business as usual.


Hopefully, luck has nothing to do with who wins. It's preparation, willingness to take advantage of opportunities, and execution of your plan that will win out.

Abner Doon

"Coffee tastes better if the latrines
are dug downstream from an encampment"

US Army Field Regulations,1861


Sam, I wouldn't go changing to suit anyone's suggested graven image. I think one around here is plenty enough.



How will you be different?

Do you have a link to a map that shows the different districts?

Good luck,


CP, you know that's not going to happen. Marshall, I will be different because I understand that life goes on if you lose an election. People become beholden to other interests because they can't stand the thought of losing. I will do what is right and let the chips fall where they may. And I'm not afraid to fight with anyone if that becomes necessary. I can be your best friend or your worst enemy and still not hold a grudge when it's over.



having extension of water and sewer is a huge mistake and could be a campaign issue, for you. Wonder who is going to profit from the extension and can anyone say whites mill in mccleansville and city of greensboro on annexation.

Brenda Bowers

Spag, my offer to address mail outs, make phone call or bake cookies still stands! Go for it. I wish I could vote for you but am in a different district. BB

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