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This is nothing other than a ploy by Obama to rid himself of a primary challenge in 2012. We've heard Hilliary as Supreme Court Justice, and we have heard Hilliary replacing Biden as V.P. in 2016. None this makes any sense. Hilliary is savvy enough to see this for what it is. Hilliary likely does not see her political career ending as SoS. She certainly will not see her life fulfilled without achieving her lifelong ambition. 2008 was supposed to be her entitlement and some inexperienced guy comes along and steals it. The Dems rightly dumped her in 2008 as she is too controversial for a guy who was packaged as post-partisan. It worked well enough. But, what will they do in 2012, now that everyone knows that Obama, the post-partisan president is a lie.

Shower Stalls

Id like to see Hilary as Supreme Court Justice.


Hilary has to wear the vast right wing conspiracy in Bill's pants everywhere she goes. Would she wear it inside or outside of the robe?

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