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Congressional Democrats are starting to realize that Obama does not play in their home state, so they are distancing themselves from his policies. Those in red or purple states know that standing beside Obama will get them retired....permanently and prematurely.

Brenda Bowers

They are trying to cover their bums but I suspect it is too late to do much good with the voters. That is, unless they rollback all the spending bills, put any remaining funds back in the treasury to pay down the debt, stop all future spending bills and especially the so-called Jobs Bill. Stop all ear marks big time as the American people have finally learned how this spending increases the debt and only pays congressmen's debts to campaign funders. Pass laws limiting pay increases to congress and requiring that a pay increase takes a super majority vote, instituted term limits and roll back pensions to 20% of base pay and only to those who serve 12 years.

The above will be a good start, and after doing these things they should spend their time watching the President and his men. Perhaps even starting impeachment hearings against Obama and Pelosi. The country could survive a couple years of Blundering Biden but not with Pelosi a heart beat away. BB

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