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"One mistake was a miscalculation; the other was not to allow fully for temperature change over the past 2,000 years."

Why would they need to take into account things that happened 2000 years ago? It is a FACT that there is a consensus that temperatures are and will continue to rise and the primary cause is rises in anthropogenic CO2 levels. Somebody's been LYING to these poor people! They must not be a body of national or international standing or something.


But..but..but....what about consensus?

Maurice Spagnola 2

It's like religion and politics. You'll never convert anyone not wishing to be converted. Regardless of logic or known fact, most of the people who have opinions on this issue aren't going to change said opinions regardless of what either side can say or prove otherwise. The only thing I can say for certain about any of this particular issue is that Al Gore was wrong when he claimed "the debate is over". Visit any blog or view any tv program where it's a topic and it's very obvious that the debate is not over. Far from it from where I'm standing.


Spag, you hit it right on the head with who is against the science. If, as others have said on this blog the scientific method can only prove a hypothesis wrong then you must accept that and find something else that can explain what is happening. This "climate chage" issue shows all the makings of religion (ironic since a lot of these people eschew religion with passion), where the beliefs cannot be challenged. If these people were really scientists they would see the results are not there and go to the next step to find other factors causing the current situation.


This is exactly how peer review should work.

Note, that the person who falsified their work is one of the lead authors of the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report.

From the retraction: "We thank S. Rahmstorf and M. Vermeer for bringing these issues to our attention."

Brenda Bowers

Did you see the Big government ( or my pimp post) that the newly elected Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli is challenging the EPA? If he is able to take them down, and it should be easy considering their reports are based on the already debunked Global Warming reports, then that will be the crack in the wall that will take that whole Environmental power group down. I am an environmentalist and have been with the EPA on many issues but like all groups they go too far and get too arrogant. They should be fighting the acid rain that is destroying the Smokey Mountains or the sludge still being pumped into too many of our streams, creeks and rivers, but these issues don't let their big wigs run with the other big wigs and attend state dinners at the White House. It seems to always happen this way doesn't it? Groups form and are for a good thing and then either outlive their need so they have to make up things to keep going like the ACLU and NOW, or they get to arrogant and go off on a tangent looking for more power and forgetting their reason for being in the first place. BB

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