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"That earthquake in Haiti was four days ago."

It was two days and sixteen hours ago.

Joe Guarino

I had thought similar things, Sam. Someone was discussing the issue of national sovereignty, and how Obama cannot willfully just go in there and run things. But there were issues with sovereignty with Katrina also-- state sovereignty.

People are dying; and nothing much is happening on the ground with respect to assistance provided by the American government, only a short distance away.


It happened on Tuesday, it's now Friday. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. Four days. Excuse me for not looking at the clock, Roch, but that's how most normal people count. Some might say three.

Joe, there are troops there with supplies just a few miles away at the airport. But they aren't getting to the people. I'm not blaming anyone because I'm sure it has to do with logistics, but it is very similar to the troops during Katrina being on the other side of the bridge with supplies while people in New Orleans were suffering/dying/victimized. At the time, nearly all Americans thought the federal response was appalling. Maybe we were all wrong and that is just the way things are during such disasters where access and logistics are an issue.


And thus you demonstrate that even something as empirical as counting must yield to the alternative reality you create through your blind allegiance to ideology. When you find yourself arguing that two is four, Sam, maybe you should pause and ask yourself where you are going off the rails.

Joe Guarino

The other point we need to think about, Sam, is the issue of race. Is it possible that the delayed American response would be somehow related to race?

I know the fact that Obama is president should provide some inoculation against such a suspicion; but hey, it was a big factor with New Orleans residents, was it not? Maybe we need to have a long discussion about race and Haiti and the American response.


Yeah, Sam. What do you think? Are you gonna slide on up next to that mockery of concern for racism?


No, I am very concerned about Harry Reid's racism, Roch. Joe's sarcasm is justifiable considering "racism" was the excuse employed by many on the Left to explain the Katrina response, or do you deny that too? You completely ignored what I wrote about this current disaster shedding new light on Katrina and logistics. I am also concerned about your sanity because it is clear that you operate in your own little world where people refer to days by the number of hours elapsed.

For example, if I was to say on Monday that something happened on Friday but I said it happened "last week" most people would understand that. But not Roch. No, Roch would call me a liar because seven days haven't passed yet. Of course if someone with his same partisanship and ideology were to do the same thing, Roch's ridiculous standard would not be employed

The best part about Joe's last comment is that he ignored you, Roch. I should start doing the same thing.


I didn't ignore it. I noted that your argument failed to launch because it rested on a faulty premise.

Thanks for the answer about Joe's mockery.


"I noted that your argument failed to launch because it rested on a faulty premise."

Above is a wonderful example of how certain people can rationalize virtually anything to suit their world view.

But we already know all that about certain people, don't we?

Maurice Spagnola 2

Speaking of Katrina, why was relief so slow in coming after Hurricane Floyd? Maybe I'm wrong but it seems to me that more people were affected in eastern NC than were in New Orleans. I remember seeing the drowned horses and hogs on tv. I even remember some criticism regarding the relief although nowhere near as loud and/or shrill as during Katrina. Both had some of the same common features in that the wind damage wasn't the problem so much as the flooding and most of those in peril were minorities. FEMA did drop the ball in the aftermath of Katrina but no more so than they did with Floyd. Or Andrew for that matter.


Maybe there is no way to avoid dropping the ball.

Fred Gregory

This ain't helping..

Angry Haitians block roads with corpses


Where's Brownie when ya really need him???
Roch, if Bush were still president you'd blame him for the dismal performance of the U.S. in this disaster of biblical proportions. So do you think Obama's response is the best we can do? If not, who do you blame this time?


I saw a report tonight on Keith Olbermann no less where a reporter on the ground in Haiti was wondering why the food and water sitting at the airport in Port au Prince isn't being delivered yet. He mentioned that tonight is the critical night that will decide life or death for many people.

Jaycee is correct that the hypocrites would be screaming at Bush right now if he was still President.


I think private security contractors are badly needed to restore order in Haiti due to the failure of the U.S. to make an appropriate response.
Roch, don't you think Blackwater should step up to the plate and do what Obama has failed to do? Why or why not?

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