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"This is an outright lie."

What is an outright lie?


This for starters: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BpA3gOjf_iU&feature=youtu.be


Olbermann says that Limbaugh discouraged people from donating to Haiti then makes his point by quoting Limbaugh directly. I guess that singular opinion, using Limbaugh's own words, from a single commentator is what you define as the "spin advanced by dishonest liberals."

You, on the other hand, apologize for a bigoted buffoon by characterizing his remarks (in your third paragraph) in a manner that is selectively generous at best but, more accurately, politicizing and lying.


Has anyone ever seen Keith Olbermann and Roch Smith in the same room at the same time? I thought not. They are one and the same people. They call people with which they disagree liars with great ease in a distasteful, smug, arrogant, and hypocritical manner. "You lie" was perfected by Roch Smith long before Joe Wilson ever considered uttering the words.


Speaking of politicizing a disaster, what is this? Spin advanced by a dishonest liberal?



I'm trying to remember who said "You never want a serious crisis to go to waste' what I mean by that is its an opportunity to do things you couldn't do before." ........who was it.....oh, yes, Rahm Emanuel! So, what are they doing in this serious Haiti crisis that they couldn't do before?

Ken Hill

I too suggest that giving to a cause should be done as directly as possible. My giving has reduced sharply, partly due to decreased income, but also due to the fact that many organizations show their appreciation for donors by selling their mailing list.


Remember when Presidential Candidate Barack Obama said this about Washington special interest?

"This election is about them. It’s about you. It’s about every one of the 47 million Americans in Virginia, in Tennessee and across this country, who are going without the health care they need and the millions more who are struggling to pay rising costs."

"But let’s be honest – we’ve been talking about this for a long time. Year after year, election after election, candidates make promises about fixing health care and cutting costs. And then they go back to Washington, and nothing changes – because the big drug and insurance companies write another check or because lobbyists use their clout to block reform. And when the next election rolls around, even more Americans are uninsured, and even more families are struggling to pay their medical bills."

Did Obama promise to drive out the special interest groups from Washington in his campaign? If so, why is this health care bill riddled with special interest set-asides for special interest groups, like Big Pharma, Big Health Insurance, Big Unions, all who have beaten a path through the White House making their special interest deals? Also, why did Big Pharma just host a fundraising event for Martha Coakley (Obama needs her vote) in Washington? So, Roch, was Obama lying (your favorite accusation) when he said this, or is he just being pragmatic? The health care bill that is going to be dropped on the American taxpayers is the most special interest-laden legislation in the history of this country.


You mean the "bigoted buffoon" who was referring to remarks made by Harry Reid? So let's follow Roch logic: Limbaugh mocks the racial comments made by Harry Reid (whom Roch gave a complete pass to earlier this week) and LIMBAUGH is the bigot but not Reid?

Folks, I can think of no finer example of hypocrisy. The next time Roch tries to fact check you, just ignore him. He's not really interested in facts.

P.S., Olbermann wasn't the only one claiming Limbaugh was advising people against sending aid to Haiti, but it's not up to me to do your research for you. You do a fine job on your own when it suits your agenda. Check with the Huffington Post and Media Matters for starters.


If you cannot recognize his bigotry and his appeal to bigotry, Sam, I cannot help you.


It is getting hard to take you seriously anymore, Sam. I read the Huffington Post and Media Matters on Limbaugh's comments before jumping into this thread. You don't want to link to them because they clearly do not claim that "Limbaugh was advising people against sending aid to Haiti."

Time to grow up, Sam. Start getting your facts straight. When you don't, when you jump the gun, learn how to walk something back because, I am telling you, man, when you find yourself arguing that two is four or pretending that something was said when it was not (and then pretending about the reasons why you will not link to it), you are on the wrong track (and I'm sure you know it). Scolding the guy who calls you on your missteps is not the proper response. Step it up, man. You are capable. Just think about it.


Yes, I do recognize Harry Reid's bigotry and his appeal to bigotry. Roch, I cannot help you. You are beyond pathetic with your complete and utter hypocrisy.

Time to grow up, Roch. Learn to apply your self proclaimed standards to everyone and quit insisting that your worldview and opinion of events is the only acceptable one and that anyone who disagrees with you is "factually wrong". Arguing that normal people refer to days by the hours they encompass ("two days and sixteen hours ago, I was at the mall....") or pretending that Keith Olbermann was not accusing Rush Limbaugh of advising against sending aid to Haiti when Olbermann said "Limbaugh today discouraged Americans from contributing to Haitian relief" puts you on the wrong track- or at least raises the question of whether you are normal at all. "Advising against" vs. "discouraging". And the substantive difference is? Scolding the guy who points out the ridiculousness of your arguments and the desperation apparent in your partisan defenses is not the proper response. Just think about it.

In the meantime, do a Google search of the terms "limbaugh discourage aid". Then come back and apologize like the man you claim I am not.


Sam, Limbaugh can suffer his buffoonery because he makes millions doing it. You don't want to emulate him without the paycheck. Seriously.


How much do you make from YOUR buffoonery, Roch?

Undoubtedly, it's not nearly enough.

Fred Gregory


Write that check now ( with lots of zeros ) for Wyclef Jean's charitable foundation for Haiti earthquake victims. His goal is a million $ per day. Give till it hurts.

Funny Money which has enriched this singer


Spag, it is time for people such as yourself and Joe Guarino to start ignoring a person who would intrude onto to YOUR blog and be offensive enough to call you a liar, along with other worse insults. Roch Smith adds nothing to your blogs, but controversy and meanness. He should be shunned and reduced to hurling his insults on his own website. Of course, no one actually goes there, so no one will be offended. Roch Smith should be ignored until he learns some civility. You can discuss and debate issues, but this constant name-calling and offensiveness is becoming a side show. Please, just ignore and don't enable him. You can try to insult the man, but he is Mr. Teflon. Insults roll off his hide.


Stormy, calling me names doesn't bother me. I call Ed Cone a hypocrite on his own blog on a regular basis so I have no basis to whine about Roch's insults. Ultimately I think you have to start treating his comments like Connie Mack Jr's.- just ignore them. No answer that is provided to Roch will satisfy him and his demands grow more and more ridiculous as Obama's poll numbers and the agenda to turn America into Sweden goes down the drain.

I have written many times that these people are desperate and they know that they have a very small window to turn America into the nation they want it to be. But that window has closed as America has again rejected their extreme Left wing agenda. Now they are lashing out at those they believe are responsible. They are very angry, bitter, and on the verge of a mental breakdown, unable to accept that others don't subscribe to their worldview.

So they grasp whatever they can no matter how petty, inconsistent, or hypocritical to try and discredit those they disagree with.

That's what we're dealing with here.

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