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Bernard Goldberg and Bill O'Reilly deconstruct the absolutely INCREDIBLE media hypocrisy on their current obsession. This says it all.


"crisis is the new currency in the Dystopian States of America" ~ French Economist Guy de Mofeau


When the leftists use the same tactics it is due to "community organizers" and "grass roots efforts". The media hails protests for their pet issues as a great part of the national debate. Now when the tables are turned they think that it is only due to corporate interests? I'm sorry, but you don't get people out to these events unless they are truly passionate for the cause. There are no companies pulling strings, just some common sense from people who like their freedom and have seen how Socialism turns out. I am adamantly opposed to socialized healthcare and no company has contacted me. If any of our leftist representatives had the guts to actually have a town hall meeting I would try to go. There is definitely a conspiracy to discredit hard working citizens that want their voice to be heard, you can see from today's headlines that they are more concerned with preparing an offensive against the people rather than listening to their voices and acting on the concensus.

Maurice D. Spagnola 2

What's this? Republicans acting the very same way Democrats have acted for years when they didn't like something or didn't get their way?


Simply, the Dems did not expect this level of citizen resistance to their takeover of our health care system. They were unable to push it through before the recess, so they thought that they could come back and spin it, ala Nancy Pelosi speaking points. So, they have been surprised, and they will pull back into their shells for the month of August. They'll return to Washington in September and the Dem "leaders" will pound this monstrosity through with reconciliation, regardless of the consequences. There will be consequences for many of the more moderate representatives, but so what? They will have accomplished their most important objective of nationalizing 1/6 of the American economy and there will be no return. Dems have lusted after this for decades and it is now in their grasp, and who can stop them? When a small margin of voters gave Obama and the Dems control of government last year, this was inevitable. And, over this time, they will have developed their enemies list.

Brenda Bowers

People, I figure they have thrown down the gauntlet and if we Americans don't pick it up and storm every elected official in sight with our views then we don't deserve to be Americans any more.

I may be wrong (and Dear Lord I hope I am not) but I expect this and every weekend in August to be hot. The elderly in Florida are already starting to get the idea that they made a mistake by voting for Obama. These are WWII, Korean War and Vietnam War vets now retired to Florida and they just don't scare that easily so Obama's thugs are not likely to scare them off. BB

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