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It all adds up to someone who is in WAAY over his head.

Brenda Bowers

Numerous pieces out today are also about how the Democrats and Obama are bringing out their thugs to stop people from protesting Obamacare at townhall meetings. I have never in my klife seen anything like what is happening today and I lived thru the Vietnam War protests and the Civil Rights protests. Local police got rough with protesters, but not when they were being orderly. But never has a President of the United States called for thugs to stop Americans from voicing their opinions. This American is mad enough to spit nails and even tho I just got out of the hospital I intend to be at the nearest protest rally if I have to crawl!

Dam Obama! and all his henchmen starting with Pelosi and Reid who dared to refer to me as a Nazi and a war monger. It may just very well be time for war. Brenda Bowers


Obama is in silver back mode. when he calls you a nazi, give the american socialist salute and be done with it.

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