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It's becoming increasingly apparent that Obama slept through some of his law school classes.


It's likely that SCOTUS voted to overturn the entire law, 5-4.

It's also likely that Obama knew that when he made his attack on the Court Monday, through a serious violation of Court protocol by either Kagan or Sotomayer.


I think he is speaking to the stupid.

Fred Gregory


Had not heard that but if you are correct about Kagan or Sotomayer and it can be proven ( very difficult ) they can and should be removed from office.

Wouldn't be unprecedented . Abe Fortas was LBJ's mole on the court but had an episode of serious ethical/legal issues. Johnson couldn't get him confirmed as Chief Justice . Later some of these ethical problems caused him to resign from the SCOTUS.


Kagan has conflicts all over this case.

Fred Gregory


Is there something on the net suggesting an Associate Justice or perhaps a law clerk dropped a dime about the initial vote score ?


Only a few suggestions, none of which named names.

It would not be the first time, as you noted, nor would it be the last time. But it DOES fit the general outline seen in Obama's blatant disregard of Congress via his royal edicts to replace congressional powers to legislate.

Why stop at marginalizing only one other branch of government? Marginalize the Supreme Court and the will of the people too.

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