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Fred Gregory



Krantz was always a whiny, Yankee, liberal putz. He could hide it for a while, but his hatred of conservatives would surface sooner or later.


I stopped listening to both Brad&Brit and Alan Handelman in the run up to Obama's election. The moderate shtick became as obvious lie in both cases as it did across media during that period.

Generally speaking, I assume any news personality or news organization that claims to be without bias is starting from a dishonest premise and move on on the assumption that no news can be delivered without bias. It can be delivered with balance by dipping into an equal number of liberal an conservative sources but never without bias. I'd rather listen to truthful liberal like Olberman than a liar pretending to be without bias. Wanting talk radio I gave Brad&Brit and Alan Handleman a chance.

My mistake.


Poli, B&B would deny that there ever was a "moderate shtick". But it seems that you and I aren't alone in noticing that there was. But you can't rail against and ridicule conservatives everyday and then claim that you are being excessively fair or representing an independent point of view. In the end, Brad became no different than those he attacked on the Right. The show became as predictable as an 80's hair band ("here's the part where Brad plays his obligatory anti- Palin-Limbaugh-FOX News solo!").

I never had a problem hearing opposing views, but the repetitiveness and the double standards just turned me off.

Still, I like those guys, and I hope they land on their feet.


More important things than where a couple radio guys wind up.

Such as this....#48 comes in second at LVegas and after only three races has clawed himself from last to the 23rd spot. Spag, I know how interested you are in JJ's career and wanted to get you up to speed on how he's doing.


I saw that. I also saw Cheating Chad sitting on the pit box. That won't last much longer.


Spag, Chad and Big Rick are in discussion with NASCAR as we speak regarding the proposed penalties. Who knows, he might be on the box at Bristol.

"shtik" and "putz" Nothing like a little yiddish thrown in when our favorite local Hebrew radio personality Brad Krantz is being discussed.


Chad Knaus is a schmuck.


I think the format change will see WZTK adopt some form of Spanish language programming, based on an updated listing last night on the station's listing in Wikipedia.

Apparently Hispanic programming is expected to be more profitable than the tired, warn-out schtick the B&B brand is known for presenting.


Harold, I don't even know Krantz's religious affiliation, I just thought "putz" was a bit milder than calling him a prick. I'm sorry that you and other liberals see anti-something in everything with which you disagree.


Not only that, but "shtick/schtik" is a show business term, dating back to vaudeville.


Jaycee, not referring to anyone anti- this or that. I was just commenting on how sometimes when a Hebrew is discussed gentiles(guess you are)like you and the other guy/gal insert some yiddish.


Harold, read for comprehension.
I don't know Krantz's religion, nor did I see it mentioned in Sam's original post.
Furthermore, I don't care. He's a prick.
Again, by injecting "Hebrews" and "gentiles" into this discussion you're trying to gin up some kind of religious crusade on the part of the participants.
Shame on you for your shallowness and transparent bigotry.


That was bizarre, Harold. I don't think Brad's ethnicity had any bearing on this discussion. Odd that you would make that connection. I certainly don't think Brad would.


"Shame on you for your shallowness and transparent bigotry."

"That was bizarre, Harold."

I think it's time to honor 'Turf with a legacy. From here on, any absurdity used like that exhibited in this thread by the 'Turf Master will hereby be known as "Harold's Way".

Brad Krantz

Let me first invite you all to come on over and listen to Britt and me every weekday on either 600 WSJS between 3 and 6pm or WPTF Talk 850 between 3 and 7pm. You can continue to hate us!.... in shorter spurts as no segment is longer than 7 minutes.... it's great to be back where I started in the business 35 years ago at WTVN in Columbus.... AM! Frankly, the sales effort for WZTK (out of my control, of course) never measured up to the programming success that we had ...... WZTK did just fine, and certainly weathered the onslaught of the Rush Radio Twins in the Triad and Triangle well. In fact, much better in the Triad. Britt and I were very proud to have taken out two morning shows on 94.5 in less than two years.... Bill Flynn and Dmitri Whatever His Name Was. They weren't fired by accident. And Britt and I don't make the Talkers Magazine List of Most Influential Talk Show Hosts in America list year after year by accident, either. Talkradio is a very expensive format to run compared to all others.... it simply takes more human beings who have to be paid and insured.... and if the revenues don't measure up, the guy that owns the place can make the decision to fire as many people as possible, cut the costs, and turn the station into a jukebox. That's what happened, plain and simple. I hate it. It was horrible to see a lot of good people, including Alan Handelman, get fired last week. Despite attempts here to analyze the end of WZTK via an ideological lens, saying we were too liberal or we were too mean to Sarah Palin or we were done in due to our "fake balance".... it was a pure, short-run economic decision to cut personnel costs. Anything else said above is rank, amateur speculation that has no basis in fact. I know. I'm there.


Shorter Krantz:

"Those lazy, incompetent sales weasels failed to convince enough clients to support our lousy brand of political, social, and economic nonsense."


"Britt and I were very proud to have taken out two morning shows on 94.5 in less than two years...."

So, you boast about destroying the careers of others, and now you whine that it's "horrible" when the same thing happens to your show.
Yep, that's the Brad Krantz we know and love here in the South!


"Despite attempts here to analyze the end of WZTK via an ideological lens...."

But see

"The format change at WZTK is not the fault of Brad and Britt, but I do believe that they did lose their way on the flight to the stratosphere and that may have had some impact on how events unfolded."


As far as this one former listener is concerned ... Spag is right on this one.

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