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I appreciate Rush's leading the way in demonstrating how to diffuse this tactic...

Ken Hill

Cheers came from some quarters when a number of advertisers pulled out. If those advertisers had previously found it beneficial to their business to advertise with Limbaugh, I wondered what they had in mind as an alternative. I thought the remarks by Rush were inappropriate, but it was not improper to tackle that subject. It was just done poorly. The advertisers probably failed to consider that some people had long ago decided not to patronize their business because they affiliated with Limbaugh. Pulling out from the Limbaugh organization probably lost them more customers than they gained by the action.


Some corporations consider principle and image just as important as making money for their stakeholders.


Nobody is going to remember what a "good thing" they did by boycotting Rush. The shareholders will remember the losses.

This wasn't about the market; it was an organized political operation and some businesses caved. In the long run they will pay the price because Limabaugh's listeners are more loyal to him than his detractors are to a particular sponsor. Limbaugh could cause a far more effective boycott if he chose to because his megaphone is a lot bigger.


I dont dig organized boycotts. Someone or some company pisses me off ... I'll have a personal boycott. That's about it. If the companies yanked the ads for what they consider to be the right reasons ... fine. Companies wanting back in look dumb. Good for Rush for rejecting the wishy washy. He lives on the edge. No room for wishy washy sponsors. They should know what they are getting into anyway.

I dont like what he said. But I havent listened for years. So I dont really care. The whole thing seemed much ado about nada. Just a bunch of left and right idealogues hacking away.


"Some corporations consider principle and image just as important as making money for their stakeholders."

Some corporations are simply cowards when it comes to standing up to "progressive" agenda nonsense/intimidation.

tk solomon

this country needs more principled fart sack franchises that are unafraid to unrenege.

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