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Is this the same PC Robert White , from DC,hired to FIX Greensboro,Left for Ky. to fix Louisville,& is now in Denver????? Wonder if his son is in Denver also?? Why did he not take Henson with him???


Yep, the same Robert White.
I wonder what chaos he'll leave in his wake when Denver gets tired of him.

"Take our Chief, Please!"

"Is Chief White Really That Stupid?"
More race-based cover ups.


They are back here Spag- I can see them from my apartment - they are at the YWCA. As soon as the rink was gone they were back. But how in the world are they getting in the building? If you are "occupying" a place in protest but no one knows you are there, then you are just a squatter. I am trying to dig further and see why they are there & if they are staying the night.

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