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Local Blogger Ends Hiatus With Racial Slur


"....he's better than Obama."

Better at what?

Jim Buie

"He's better than Obama." Other than tribal faith that a Republican is always better than a Democrat, how can you tell where Romney really stands on anything?

Jim Buie

Gingrich is making some pretty serious charges against Romney.


Not making any particular point, but doesn't the photo in Jim's link absolutely epitomize political warfare and chicanery? That's up there with the Afghan Girl for a picture being worth a 1000 words.


Any Republican will be better than Obama.
If it's Romney, well, it's Romney.
When I hit the voting booth I'm pulling the "R" lever so whoever is the nominee will get my vote.
I suspect many others in our country will do the same.
Beats the alternative.


Here's the part where Romney suddenly becomes a "far Right extremist" because he's the Republican.


At least, with Romney in the White House, we will not have Michelle Obama and Valerie Jarrett running the country. Even Rahm Emanuel and Robert Gibbs had to get out of there to regain their sanity. It's now clear with the new book that Barack answers to only two people. All this time, I thought it was George Soros telling Barack what to do. I bet Mrs. Romney would let Mitt actually be president.


"....but doesn't the photo in Jim's link absolutely epitomize political warfare and chicanery?"

Considering the source, would we expect anything less?


Right "headliners"... anyone who doesnt want Pres Obama to be re-elected is a racist. I really hope your comment was meant as a joke.

Either a bad joke or an inane comment.


Welcome back Spag. Your vacations are almost as lengthy as the current occupier of the White House.

Held my nose in 2008 when I voted, appears I'll be holding it again in 2012.

A shame the best and brightest in our nation shy away from running for the Presidency.

Ken Hill

Harold, this quote may be of interest.
"The government consists of a gang of men exactly like you and me. They have, taking one with another, no special talent for the business of government; they have only a talent for getting and holding office." H.L.Mencken


Mick, when you have nothing to offer, the only thing you have is a well-worn race card that no longer trumps. As regards Harold's comment, Romney could not be a worst candidate than the 2008 John McCain. The man's campaign objective was to destroy itself. Barack Obama didn't have to do anything, other than make no unforced errors. He relied upon McCain's campaign to implode. The gloves have to come off this time.

Jim Buie

CP: "Doesn't the photo (of Romney wagging his finger at Gingrich) in Jim's link absolutely epitomize political warfare and chicanery?"

Stormy: "Romney could not be a worst candidate than the 2008 John McCain."

Harold says he'll "hold his nose" in voting in 2012.

What enthusiasm.

Jaycee: "Any Republican will be better than Obama."

Sam: "Here's where Romney becomes the far-right extremist..."

On the contrary. It's amazing how easily conservatives are falling into line behind a candidate who produced the model for Obamacare, who supported stimulus, abortion rights and tax increases. So much for principles, I guess. So much for the power of the Tea Party. You guys prove you're all about power and tribal loyalty/warfare, not about consistency or principles -- "a Republican is always better than a Democrat." LOL.

Elect Romney and we'll get tax increases. Unlikely he'll dismantle Obamacare since he (and the Heritage Foundation) were the original architects of it. He won't do much on abortion since he was for it before he was against it. What major issue HASN'T Romney changed his position on?

Jim Buie

BTW, if you'd like to watch the Gingrich PAC's video, "When Mitt Romney came to town," here it is.


I'm not "falling into line" behind any candidate, I'm supporting my party.
Whichever candidate my party selects for the ballot will get my vote.
I support the policies of the Republican party as I prefer them over the policies of the Democrat Party.
Last I heard, it was still my right to vote my conscience as a citizen in a free and democratic country.


Jim, sometimes a voter's gotta pick and choose what policy and personal characteristics of the candidates he/she likes and pull that lever hoping for the best. Never gonna get the candidate who you completely agree with. Gotta compromise. Hopefully you'll get the guy/gal who can put the cheese on the cracker.

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