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Ron Decline

If you liked how David Wray was treated, if you liked having a police department in constant uproar, if you like the Human Relations Commission micro-managing how the cops on the street do their job, if you like higher water rates, higher property taxes, a food tax, city council meetings with votes taken in secret and sprung on the citizens in public, a mayor with deep conflict of interest issues with greenhorns who have never seen a development they didn't like, then you are going to love the new Greensboro City Council.

Welcome to the most left-wing sitting local government in the history of Greensboro. What a peerless collection of wingnuts, identity politicians, crony capitalists with a lovely melange of "hate whitey" and white liberal guilt.

Everyone gets a free lunch!!! Can I get you a napkin?


"They along with the rest of the establishment elite have the council they want and if past is prologue, the message will be government is a business and that business is none of your business."

......and Business As Usual is ON!


"What a peerless collection of wingnuts, identity politicians, crony capitalists with a lovely melange of "hate whitey" and white liberal guilt."

....and the Usual Suspects are giddy and all aglow.

Abner Doon

Robbie may about to experience an economic storm
much larger than Obama inherited.

Two years of tax hikes and budget cuts.

I wish them all the best
for everyone elses' sakes.

Dr. Mary Johnson

Spot-on post, Sam.


I think when he says economic development, he really means he will make every effort to steal our taxpayer dollars and find projects so ALL his friends get paid in some fashion or another. We are going to pay for a lot of useless projects with bows attached to them and cards that say "economic growth"

Sal Leone

I find it funny that some members now what a council that works together. I will not name the names, but current council members did everything they could to divide the council to make Mayor Knight look bad, funny how things change now.


You are exactly right now. Let's see how dissent is handled now.

What's that you say? There isn't any dissent? That's what happens when everyone agrees and there is no airing of opposing views. That's how liberals like it. Soviet's did, too.


"I will not name the names, but current council members did everything they could to divide the council to make Mayor Knight look bad....."

I'll name names.....let's start with Robbie Perkins.


You are right bubba


You know the sad part of it all is that it is clear as day what happned but the people dont see it. I do not blame Perkins, he has been open about his agenda. The people are so blind that it is not even funny. You had a man like Knight who had no agenda, business deals with anyone and he was voted out for someone who does. I dont blame Perkins but the people. The other funny part is that race was part of this race. Lets be honest, Johnson did well in the east because she appeals to the community, the simkins pac supported her. The people in the east voted in blocks but if white people did the same we be racist, funny how things are looked at.


"The people are so blind that it is not even funny."

They condone what he does. They think like he does, and like liberals everywhere think.

They think they know better than the rest of us, and the rest of us should just shut up, compromise our principles, and go with the program, because THEY and THEY ALONE know what's best.

What I've just described is also a fitting description for the nonsense that passes for "discussion" at Ed Cone's blog.


Sal, do you ever proofread your comments?

Brandon Burgess

Roch, I don't think one can proofread for bigotry and disdain for the electorate.

Sal, you've said yourself that you are new the game here in Greensboro. Let me clue you in: Yvonne appeals to her community not because she is black but because she is a hardworking volunteer and activist. And this is coming from a man who did not vote for her in 2009 or 2011.

If black folks were voting based on race, then why didn't D2 (mine and Yvonne's district) elect Bradley Hunt rather than Jim Kee? One of Hunt's talking points was that D2 voters should cautious of voting for Kee, who "looks like them", but would not represent them well.


Brandon presents an argument for abolishing most of the Voting Rights Act and probably doesn't even know it.

Brandon Burgess

Spag, I don't follow. Help me out.


Why do 'people' always become 'folks' in these discussions when couched in terms of group identity? Not trying to be a smart aleck, just a curious phenomenon I've noticed.


If race doesn't matter in elections, then there is no need for the preclearance provisions of the VRA and race doesn't need to be taken into account in drawing districts.

I suspect some will try to have it both ways as usual. E.g. Race matters just enough to keep the VRA intact, but not enough to stop me from calling you a bigot when you argue that people vote based on race.

That kind of thing.

Brandon Burgess

Cheri, are you making fun of how me and my folks talk? I thought you were from NC.

Spag, thanks for clarifying.


So, am I to understand that the criteria that makes a good elected official is someone who is a hardworking volunteer and activist? By that definition, most people in the Occupy camps are qualified. I think we should be looking for more from our elected officials than that. But, when you see the state of government these days, that may be exactly what we are electing.

Talking about the expected crony socialism expected from the Perkins Regime, I am reminded of somewhere it is working very well; our federal government. King Barack has perfected the crony socialism program over the past three years. You give a grant or loan to your cronies, they return a portion of that grant in campaign donations, your cronies get you re-elected, and you repeat cycle. Your cronies get rich on taxpayer largesse, and Barack/Perkins gets to continue his regime. When he does finish his elected term, he gets $100,000 speaking or consulting gigs from his cronies. Nice work. Of course, Perkins does not do quite that well, but still..

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