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It's been almost 2400 hundred days since the big one and counting.

Recall after Katrina the GW guru Al Gore prophesying more to follow in 2006 as a result of GW which according to him caused Katrina.


I love these two paragraphs from Mead:

"For those of you who are confused, let me remind you: the only meteorological phenomena that count are the ones that confirm the climate alarmist case. It doesn’t matter what it is — drought, flood, blizzard, heat wave — if it can be made to support fear about the climate, it matters and it needs to be thoroughly analyzed and widely publicized.

Meteorological phenomena that, to the unsophisticated, might appear to undermine the case that WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE if we don’t immediately pass a stringent carbon treaty, are meaningless and should be ignored."

The AGW Alarmist industry has too much at stake to provide us with any academic and intellectual honesty. We've known that for quite some time.


SHOCKING!!!!. Intellectual honesty in forecast science! Rare as hen's teeth, as us doctors say. Doesn't surprise me that it's Gray. He's always made the most sense of any climatologist I have ever read. I'm sure the GW alarmists like Hansen and Gore would be capable of such honesty. Fortunately for them, the verdict on their predictions can be postponed indefinitely, certainly beyond their lifespans.

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