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Maurice D. Spagnola 2

There is still too little known about this story. The man who had his finger bitten off may well have started it and, being as it was his finger that was bitten off, it is very possible that during the fracas his finger came into contact with the other guy's mouth at which point the guy bit like hell. While not a supporter of Obamacare and having no love for the far left, it may be premature to jump on this yet. I've seen enough--and even participated in a few--brawls to know that things like this can happen fairly easy. The human bite is one of the most underrated weapons we possess. If I'm in a pushing and shoving match that escalates to full blown fighting/wrestling and some gets their finger into my mouth by trying to punch, slap, rake my face, or fish hook me be it by design or accident you can bet your ass that I'm gonna bite like hell. Maybe even hard enough to remove the finger(s).

So, I'd wait until the details of this incident are all known/confirmed. After all, and I could be wrong about this, but who in the hell just walks up to someone, grabs his/her finger and then bites it off? It makes no sense beyond being a reaction that might occur during the course of a brawl.

Just my $.02


Geeze, MDS 2.....who are you?

Buie's defense attorney?

Maurice D. Spagnola 2

Nah, I'm no defense attorney and I hardly have much in common politically with Buie from what I've read here. It's just that in a situation like this where the facts are not all known there is a possibility that there is more to the story than what is out now. I can't speak for anyone else, but if I'm pissed off at someone to the point where I want to cause bodily harm I'm going to bust him in the mouth, nose, or upside the head. Maybe even the gut. Just the idea of walking up to someone, grabbing their arm, putting their finger in my mouth, and then biting it off just seems comically ludicrous. I'm not condoning the guy biting the fella's finger off. I just see where it is very possible that in the course of grappling with each other---regardless of who started it---that the "victim's" finger wound up in the "offender's" mouth either offensively or defensively and that's how it got bitten off.

I've seen Mike Tyson bite part of an ear off (much more common than most think--I've known a few guys missing chunks of their ears) but have never heard of someone getting angry and biting off someones finger when punching and/or kicking them would be much easier. As I said, if I'm in a bad spot and someone's got their hands/fingers in my mouth I'm gonna bite like hell.

Still, it would be hilarious if the guy really did just walk over, grab the other guy by the hand, and took a bite. Sorry, but in my world that would be too funny.


"Still, it would be hilarious if the guy really did just walk over, grab the other guy by the hand, and took a bite. Sorry, but in my world that would be too funny."

Oh! Oh!

You must just be one of those right-wingers who always advocate violence, just like me!

Or so Buie "thinks", to use a figure of speech.

Maurice Spagnola 2

I've just always had a strong affection for the Three Stooges.

jim buie

In another thread, Sam says "I'm not playing" -- meaning he's not engaging in dialogue with me. Instead, clearly, he just wants to win, accuracy be damned. I'm relieved to see Maurice's note of caution amid the rush to judgment by Sam and Bubba. I thought lawyers were supposed to be prudent? I guess Sam is angling to be a kind of William Kunstler of the right. Sam presumed wrongly, and is inaccurate once again about the mainstream media. CBSNews story. MSNBC. ABCNews. Will Sam be honest and responsible and issue a correction? I'm not counting on it.


Yes he will, Buie. I was referring to not engaging you anymore on that particular thread where you chose to start debating topics that had nothing to do with the post. As for your links to those news agencies, NONE of them had the story on their home web page when I wrote the post. CBS and ABC still do not have it on their home page, MSNBC just recently posted it.

More information has come to light, and I have posted an update.


"it is very possible that during the fracas his finger came into contact with the other guy's mouth at which point the guy bit like hell."

Isn't that a little like saying that in the heat of battle Evander Holyfield's ear got a little too close to Mike Tyson's mouth, at which point he bit like hell?

Dr. Mary Johnson



The man said tonight on television that the Obama supporter was harassing him and calling him names, so he took a swing at him, and it landed. He took a second swing and some how his finger got in the guy's mouth, and he bit the pinkie clean-off. This guy appeared to be in the 50-60 age range, and the other guy was younger. So, it was provoked, but even so, you do not bite someone's finger off. The guy said that he was not going to pursue a lawsuit. He apparently has found peace with it, one digit short, which can not be re-attached.

Moral of the story is when you protest, do not get into fights.

jim buie

So this guy Bill by his own admission first "threw two punches that landed" on the MoveOn activist. That's assault. The second punch landed in the MoveOn activist's mouth, and his finger was bitten off. Bill is honest enough to say he doesn't know if that was the activist's intention, and has the sense enough to say he's not going to file charges, since he started to fight. Yet Cavuto calls him a "hero." Disgusting.

Sam, this whole thing has backfired completely on you and Bob (Bubba), despite your rush to judgment. Bill acknowledges he threw the first punch. Yet you refuse to correct your false statement that the major networks "ignored" the story. That is just not honest. And you're portraying a man who threw the first punch as some kind of victim, though he himself admits that he's no victim.

I do agree with your headline, however. "You knew it was coming." Given the over-heated, over-the-top rhetoric of people like Bubba Bob ("there's going to be blood in the street") -- that guy Bill probably reads scurrilous blogs like Bubba's and believes the disinformation contained there -- it was probably inevitable that some kind of violence was going to take place.

If this is not evidence that you and Bubba need to tone down your rhetoric and stop the hyper-partisan hate and rush to judgment, I don't know what is. I think you both need to take a deep breath, apologize to your readers, and start taking more responsibility for the words you use in public.


Buie always claims victory on every subject of discussion. He never even considers that he may be wrong. You know, if the biter hadn't started it with his harassment, there would never have been a fight or a lost finger. I'm pretty sure that biting a person;s finger off is a violation of the law, Buie.


Buie, if the story is buried, in my opinion that is ignoring it. The major news outlets had big bold headlines about "angry anti- health care protests" on their home pages. Then when an Obamacare supporter bites off a guys finger, you have to do a search to find it anywhere on their websites. You are the one being dishonest by denying this.


Let the child do his silly victory dance.

He's not fooling anyone here, as usual.

jim buie

Sam, not only are you inaccurate -- the story is on the front page of CNN.com and ABCNews.com -- you're disengenuous, trying to change your accusation after you've made it. The story was not "ignored" by the major media. The story does not fit into your story-line or your dogma, either. By his own admission, the hot-headed right-winger was the first to engage in assault -- he took two punches at a moveon.org demonstrator, and the demonstrator responded by biting his finger off. Your refusal to correct your inaccuracy is just not honest. You owe your readers a correction and an apology. But will you do the responsible and honest thing? I'm not counting on it.


Buie, it may be today, but it wasn't yesterday. Ask yourself why. Maybe it's because the networks learned that the biter didn't throw the first punch. Before that was known, they ignored it. I have nothing to correct. I updated the post yesterday with the fact that the victim threw the first punch.

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