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Maurice Spagnola 2

"Kill a pissant for Jesus,
grind them right through the floor,
kill a pissant for Jesus,
then kill one pissant more"

I used to laugh till I damned near pissed myself back in the late 80s watching Dr. Gene Scott's late night broadcasts. "Kill a pissant for Jesus" was often played as a music video featuring a watercolor painting by Scott himself showing a large boot stomping down on a bunch of pissants. I've caught Melissa Scott on one of the cable networks a few years ago. She's not a bad looking woman and has that "naughty librarian-porn" thing going for her. Not a bad singing voice either. I doubt either her own credentials or those her late husband tried providing for her prior to his death to be accurate. So, maybe she's a living example of a woman redeemed or she's just a fraud who inherited her late husband's fortune and is milking it for all it's worth. Either way she's making money. Only in America.

As for the late Gene Scott, if nothing else, he was entertaining to watch and always good for a laugh.

Doom Day Dude

So you pissant Republicans are piss at Queen Barbie for making the Great American Republican Dream come true?

Didn't you pervert Republicans have bit parts in " Barbie Does Greensboro"


She is obviously a fraud, an attractive one, but a fraud none the less.

I compare her to the Sharon Stone character in "Casino" who probably has some "Lester" in the background as part of the conspiracy while both laugh all the way to the bank.


She's no more a fraud than Palin or Hillary. Anyone who can generate the internal conflict in the herd by convincing one segment that another segment is evil, unsaved, unworthy, unwashed, uncaring or unamerican has accomplished the mission of shaking down the soul of the true believer. No where else except politics and religion is the terrifying of children by surrogate adults tolerated or compensated so well by the frightened. If any person has the power to immobilize another's attitude and thoughts to a degree that they seek to change or attack others, then they are the real deal, whether a fraud or not.

Bill Steele

"So, maybe she's a living example of a woman redeemed or she's just a fraud who inherited her late husband's fortune and is milking it for all it's worth."

The 2nd one.

Dr. Gene Scott predicted 10 years or so before he died that after he was dead his own church would remove his teachings. "Pastor" Melissa Scott did just that. Gene also predicted that an underground network would arise to keep his teachings going...which also came to pass. There's about 17 gigs worth of MP3s and videos of Gene Scott on bit torrent which Rev. Barbie Bridges refuses to make available. Too bad Gene was thinking with the "wrong head" when he hooked up with Barbie.

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